Obtained disability retirement and a cash settlement for a postal employee, thus allowing him to relocate from Florida to New York to be with his family in order to recover from a medical condition.

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Attorneys for Federal Labor Relations Authority Cases

The Federal Labor Relations Authority, or FLRA, is an independent agency of the United States government. It was created by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, and the FLRA still handles a number of different federal employment cases. Its responsibilities involve settling disputes between federal employees and the federal government, and it also focuses on disputes involving labor unions.

It can be difficult to stand up to the federal government, especially if the government is also your employer. However, it is still important to defend your rights as an employee or a member of a union. If you are facing a case involving the FLRA, please contact an experienced Federal Labor Relations Authority lawyer from the Vaughn Law Firm at 877-615-9495 today.

Responsibilities of the FLRA

Under the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the FLRA has five main responsibilities. There are several different components or offices of the FLRA that work together to handle these responsibilities. Some duties of the FLRA include:

  • Examining unfair labor practice complaints
  • Determining the representatives or “bargaining units” for labor unions
  • Handling agencies’ or unions’ appeals of an arbitrator’s decision as exceptions to grievance arbitration awards
  • Adjudicating negotiability disputes that may arise during collective bargaining between unions and agencies
  • Aiding in impasses in bargaining between agencies and unions

There are many complicated aspects of FLRA cases, and it is important to meet these challenges with an experienced attorney by your side.

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If you are a victim of an unfair labor practice, or if your union is in a dispute with a federal agency, a federal employment lawyer may be able to help. To discuss your case, contact a knowledgeable attorney for Federal Labor Relations Authority cases from the respected Vaughn Law Firm today at 877-615-9495.

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"I really wanted to thank you and all who were involved from your firm. I was very pleased with my representation. Your firm is quite well-versed and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to steer an acquaintance your way."

- Stephen S.

"I just want to express my appreciation for the hard work and dedication your firm gave to me in acquiring disability retirement from the US Postal Service. I was fortunate to have received your unwavering support in encouraging me when I was doubtful and hesitant to continue pursuing disability retirement."

- Fred E.

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